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Song of the Day

The Final Countdown by Europe

“Will things ever be the same again?”



can’t wait!  

Happy Mother Days!

Today is my 1st Mothers Day!  Wooo. Hubs gave me an awesome gift card to our local spa for Mothers Day!  He rocks!!

Now that my little guy is sleeping, I can say that I was pretty successful at breastfeeding today.  What a great feeling.  I need  to remember this day when I get bummed out and frustrated with nursing in the future.  I tend to get really anxious and worried around 8 or 9 every night.  (Fatigue related I’m sure)  Breast feeding has not been easy for me, but my baby is just over 6 weeks now, and hopefully we are syncing up with this finally.  

I am loving our little boy more everyday.

I still new to write up that birth story….

  • Anthony Jeselnik: I don't think the goths would accept you Pete.
  • Pete Holmes: you son of a bitch.
  • Anthony Jeselnik: I think that's the meanest thing I've ever said to somebody.

2 weeks and 3 days

ago I had a baby.  He is amazing  I really need to write up my birth story soon.  I feel great about my labor and getting used to mom life. babies are funny little things, great healers and all that good stuff.  more to come on the mom front


im proabbly one of the only people to fan-boy over this

Not even close, I adore this video.  It always cheers me up on a bummer day.  

"Hit me, I’ve got broad shoulders. I can carry the burden."

I love JV.  He makes me ridiculous happy.